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About Us

We are always committed to provide extra ordinary therapy services full of empathy and compassion.

About Us

Are you willing to take a step towards feeling better and improving your well-being? That’s why 180 Therapy is here. We respect your courage and understand it might not have been an easy decision to come out and accept that you need help.

You have come to the right place. At 180 Therapy PLLC, we offer modern counseling services for individuals, families, and groups. With our innovative techniques, we provide tools that help people to deal with their struggles and difficulties with a healthy outlook. Most importantly, our therapies are designed to help people realize their inner strength and connect with themselves – accepting what can’t be changed and changing negative patterns that are harming relationships that matter the most.

We are always committed to provide extraordinary therapy services full of empathy and compassion

Meet Your Therapist

Alice is a local alumni of Texas Wesleyan University, where she received her Master’s in professional counseling. She is now proudly serving the residents of Dallas Fort Worth Area, where she offers a range of therapy services. She has found her passion in working with individuals and families that have experienced some highly disturbing and traumatic events and are struggling to cope.

Alice is a certified provider of Cognitive Processing Therapy, a form of psychotherapy that is specially designed to help those with PTSD and other disorders triggered by trauma. She also has experience in providing general counseling for stress management, major life changes, depression and anxiety disorders.

She loves helping people find their solutions through complex, difficult situations. And she finds it extremely humbling and empowering to be able to work with people of extraordinary courage who are open to healing and making their lives better.

Please call the 180 Therapy PLLC office to schedule an appointment. We offer both in person and tele-therapy session.

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