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Marriage & Family Therapy

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Counselling for Families & Couples

Facing a rough patch in your relationship? Not able to cope with pain after divorce? Your child is going through some serious emotional turmoil?

Every couple and family face unique challenges. And we are here to listen and help. 180 Therapy PLLC offers expert Marriage and Family Therapy Services to the Dallas – Fort Worth Area (DFW). Our services aim to help families and couples to resolve their emotional conflicts arising from a variety of issues – be it parenting issues, divorce, addiction, infidelity, trauma or death of a loved one.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Are family conversations beginning to drain you? Are your relationships with family members taking a nose-dive? Struggling with extreme emotional reactions to small things in life? Having trust issues with your spouse?

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These could be some early signs of problems brewing within your family or marriage. Sometimes it can be a bit too overwhelming to resolve things on your own. Such issues can affect the mental and physical well-being of the whole family. Perhaps it is time to step back and seek help before things take turn for the worse.

Our qualified licensed MFT practitioner works with couples and families to identify underlying issues and create an environment where they can comfortably talk about their apparent fears, pain and anger. 

At the very heart of it, we focus on building an open, honest and friendly channel of communication between partners and family members. This is the first step towards learning new and better ways to communicate, to resolve conflicts, to find meaningful solutions and above all, to empathize with each other regardless of the challenges.

Our Marriage and Family Therapy is a solution-focused, short-term counseling that usually takes an average of 12-15 sessions. Some families may need more sessions and that typically depends on the complexity and severity of problems they are facing.

Our Marriage and Family Therapy Can Help with Many Issues

  • Parenting issues
  • Single parenting issues
  • Adolescent behavioral problems
  • Trauma recovery
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Gender identity
  • Domestic violence
  • Marital conflicts
  • Trust issues
  • Infertility
  • Substance addiction

Do I Really need Marriage and Family Therapy?

Red flags to watch out for:

  • Family members are having extreme emotional outbursts
  • It is getting increasingly harder to communicate
  • You find one or more family members withdrawing from daily activities
  • One or more family members are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse
  • Family members are showing signs of violent behavior with self or with each other
  • You don’t turn into each other during difficult or stressful times

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Couples Therapy

Constant feelings of unhappiness or disappointment in your relationship? Does a conversation between you two often end up in a bitter argument? Is it getting increasingly difficult to share your thoughts with your partner?


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Constant feelings of unhappiness or disappointment in your relationship? Does a conversation between you two often end up in a bitter argument? Is it getting increasingly difficult to share your thoughts with your partner?

If you believe your relationship is hitting a rough patch and you can’t sort out your differences on your own anymore, it is time to go for couples therapy. The sad truth is many couples try going for counselling when a significant amount of damage has already been done. While it is never too late, addressing the problems sooner is likely to be less time and effort consuming.

At 180 Therapy PLLC, we offer solution-oriented COUPLES THERAPY to our customers in Mansfield, Texas. Our licensed and state certified therapist has in-depth expertise and experience to offer counseling, aimed to help partners improve their relationship with the help of right technique and intervention.

The core of our Couples Therapy is built on providing an opportunity to partners where they can openly talk about their expectations, identify weak links and develop a better understanding of their differences. We strongly believe that clear communication is the first step towards resolving any issue, big or small.

We provide a safe and conducive environment for you to bring up things that are otherwise difficult to talk about in your day to day settings for the fear of being misunderstood, misinterpreted or worse yet ignored. We work together to identify negative patterns, to build trust and get the relationship back on track, alive and kicking.

Couples Therapy is a short-term therapy that typically involves both partners. However, there are situations where one partner is not willing to engage. In that case, out therapist can work with just one partner to work out the best solution.

Our Couple Therapy Can Help with Many Issues

We help couples of any sexuality, gender, background and age. Our therapy is also designed for parents with adolescents who face difficult challenges on their own.

We help with conflicts arising from:

  • Differences in parenting styles
  • Coping after an extra-marital affair
  • Infidelity and trust
  • Infertility
  • Miscarriage or loss of child
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Sexual and intimacy issues
  • Chronic health issue

Do I need Couples Therapy?

  • You hardly communicate with each other
  • You constantly avoid discussing difficult matters
  • You often get into heated arguments without any clear solution
  • You do not reciprocate to their affection
  • You are keeping secrets
  • You find it difficult to trust your partner
  • You are thinking of an-extra marital affair
  • Your married life lacks intimacy
  • You are constantly feeling ignored, offended or humiliated
  • You are constantly fighting on differing parenting style

Find yourself nodding along? Call 180 Therapy today and see how we can help you.

Children Therapy: Ages 5 to 17


All children go through some kind of emotional up and down. Periods of moodiness, struggle with friends and not doing too well at school are expected. All this is a part of growing up and even necessary for teens to learn coping skills.


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All children go through some kind of emotional up and down. Periods of moodiness, struggle with friends and not doing too well at school are expected. All this is a part of growing up and even necessary for kids to learn coping skills.

But sometimes your child may be struggling with something more serious than ‘normal bumps in the road’. This is when you should seek professional intervention. It is often easy to take your child to a doctor when they have fever or broken a bone. What if your child is showing signs of trauma or emotional struggle they can’t cope with? In our experience, we have found that parents often wait too long to seek professional help, which can lead to long-term damage.

We understand seeking therapy for your child is not at all an easy step. But there are some challenging issues that only a professional child therapist can deal with. Our licensed and state certified therapist has the skills and experience to identify when your child may really need therapy and work towards providing a safe haven for your child to share their fears and anxiety, without breaking their confidence and self-esteem.

Dealing with kids need careful handling and navigation. Our therapist specializes in working with children and totally understand that they process stress, trauma or bullying in their own unique ways. Our therapist involves techniques and activities that are specific to your child’s unique requirement.

There are many reasons why your child might need children’s therapy. It could be divorce, bullying, issues with appearances, death of a parent or neglect.  While some kids are naturally good at dealing with these emotions, some need additional support to cope. These events can trigger high amounts of stress in a child – effecting their mental, emotional and physical health. 

What can we help with?

We cover a wide variety of issues arising from:

  • Abusive or violent parents
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect
  • Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event
  • Divorce or separation
  • Bullying
  • Substance abuse in family
  • Sibling conflicts
  • Depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Death in family
  • Addiction issues in parents or elder siblings
  • Learning difficulties
  • Self-image issues
  • Gender identity

We offer a different types of therapy depending on your child’s history, experiences and requirements. 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Behavior therapy
  • Family Therapy

Does your child need therapy?

Watch out for these red flags:

  • A sudden, unexplained drop in school performance
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Changes in social behavior
  • Regressive behavior
  • Changes in day to day activities
  • Constant feeling of sadness, anger and irritability
  • Unusual and unexpected mood swings
  • Signs of self-harm or suicidal thoughts
  • Your child is always angry, sad or irritable
  • Increasing incidence of rule-breaking
  • Sudden emotional outbursts and over-reaction to small things
  • Changes in sleeping or eating patterns
  • Signs of obsessive compulsive behavior
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Engaging in violent and negative behavior

Call 180 Therapy to get an evaluation. Waiting for too long can damage your child’s emotional well-being. We can help.

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