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General Therapy

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General Therapy Services

Do you worry all the time? Do you ever feel too burdened with emotional challenges? There are times when problems can get a bit too overwhelming to deal with. All you need is someone who can simply listen to you without judging.

We are here to listen and to help you find solutions. We understand how an opportunity to discuss your issues with a non-biased professional can change your life. You are not worried about being judged or facing any repercussions. On the other hand, inability to find support at the right time can take a huge toll on people’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. It can even drive some people to take drastic steps.  

180 Therapy PLLC offers general psychotherapy services. Our licensed therapist is trained to help you develop important skills so that you can respond to emotional difficulties in a more constructive, solution-focused manner. Our heart to heart discussions will help you look at your existing struggles with a new outlook and find solutions that will help you cope, recover and heal better. Most importantly you learn to find your triggers and replace old behavior patterns with ones that are healthy and help you improve your relationships.

We can help with


Anxiety disorders

Family conflicts

Major life changes such as job relocation, divorce or death of a loved one

Depression disorders

Eating disorders

Low self-esteem


Types of therapies we use


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)


Cognitive processing therapy (CPT)


Reality therapy

Who can benefit from our general therapy?

If you or any one close to you show following signs and symptoms, it is certainly time to consider meeting a qualified therapist.

Intense feelings of anger, sadness and despair

Feeling constantly on edge

Sleeping more or less than usual

Overblown reactions to small things

Lack of interest in daily activities that you once enjoyed

Inability to deal with day to day problems

Feeling isolated and avoiding social scene

Feelings of death and suicide

Worrying unnecessarily

Eating more or less than usual

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