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Trauma Therapy

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Are you ready to feel safe again?

When you have experienced an extremely disturbing or traumatic event, it can take a while to bounce back and feel safe again. It is normal to struggle with emotions like anger, shock, guilt, and even shame.

However, if your trauma symptoms are getting worse and you are not able to move on with your life even when a considerable amount of time has passed by, you may be experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

At 180 Therapy PLLC, our state certified provider offers Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), a treatment specifically designed for those diagnosed with PSTD. It has been found effective for those who have newly experienced trauma, as well as those who have suffered for years.

What is Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)?


An evidenced based therapy that can be completed in as little as 9 to 20 sessions, typically ending after 12 sessions.


Targets negative thoughts and beliefs about one’s self, others, and the world that may have developed as a result of the traumatic experience.


Also effective for those with cognitive deficiencies, brain disease, early stages of dementia, and traumatic brain injury.

After successful completion of CPT, many individuals with PTSD report significantly reduced or complete remission from symptoms. Clients also report experiencing a closer connection with others, and an increase of pleasurable life experiences. Some share a return to their “old me,” or a “coming back,” to enjoy life again.

Understanding Trauma and PTSD

Trauma is an emotional response to a deeply distressing event in life. Common symptoms of trauma include persistent flashbacks of negative events, feeling anxious and on edge, powerful feelings of guilt or shame, feelings of sadness and despair, shock and disbelief, anger, nausea, headaches and migraines.

It is normal to have negative thoughts and feelings after a particularly stressful experience. For those who develop PTSD, these thoughts and feelings continue to worsen and impact their daily lives – leading to strained relationships, reduced productivity at work and depression.

PTSD not only affects your emotional but physical well-being as well. It can cause insomnia, migraines, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, poor immunity and gastrointestinal problems. It is, therefore, very important to seek help.

If you believe you may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, please reach out to 180 Therapy.

Our Trauma Therapy Can Help with Many Issues

We can help you overcome negative emotions arising from experiences such as:

Natural disasters like earthquake and hurricane

Death of a family member or friend

A difficult divorce

Miscarriage or Accidents

Rape or molestation

War or being in a combat zone

Prolonged neglect

Mass-shooting or Terrorist attack

Physical abuse or domestic violence

First Responders

Suicide or homicide

Could I suffer from PTSD?

Do you ever feel like you are always looking over your shoulder?

Do you have a strong distrust of yourself or others?

Are you easily startled?

Do you have a large amount of guilt or shame from your experiences?

Do you feel isolated?

Are you having trouble forming deep, meaningful relationships?

Do you have frequent nightmares about a difficult time in your life?

Do you typically feel in danger when others feel safe?

Are you having suicidal thoughts?

Are you having trouble relating to others in your life?

Are you frequently getting panic attacks?

Do you find yourself avoiding certain people and situations?

Come see what 180 Therapy can do for you. As we say, “Your turnaround starts here”.

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